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    Diamond carat size comparison chart - typicalmeasurements, dimensions in millimeters, cm. images, real scale

    Rounds | Brilliant | Princess | Emerald |Pear | Oval | Heart | Trillion - Trilliant | Marquise | Radiant | Asscher |Cushion

    How big is one, 1 carat diamond in size -Free Printable actual diamond carat - karat size chart, dimensions,measurements - images table

    Visual guide.  We give you informationdetermining diamond sizes, all various, different shapes and respectable small,large, big sizes

  • Diamonds comment cuttings

    Diamonds comment cuttings

    Round Brilliant Diamonds
    This shape consists of 58 facets.  It is the standard for all other diamond shapes.  
    More than 75% of diamonds sold today are round brilliant diamonds.

    Oval Diamonds
    An Excellent Cut Oval shaped diamond has 56 facets in elliptical shape and is similar to a round brilliant.
    Created in the early 1960’s an oval diamond is an elliptical shape, family of the round brilliant diamond shape.
    Oval diamonds are very popular due to their big appearance, displaying much fire and scintillation.

    Marquise Diamonds
    Marquise diamonds also named Marquee or Navette diamonds exist swallow, Medium an thick.  Medium is best.
    Marquise diamonds have the same brilliance and facets as a round brilliant cut diamond.

    Pear Diamonds
    A Pear shaped diamond, also named Teardrop is a combination of oval and marquise cuts with 57 facets.  Ideal for pendants, necklaces and earrings.

    Heart Diamonds
    Well proportioned heart diamonds are very rare!
    The best shaped Heart diamonds are cut with even lobes and with a well-defined outline.
    Heart shape diamonds are hard to find and are considered most sentimental of all diamond shapes.

    Princess Diamonds
    A Princess, also named Princessa diamond, has similar facets to a round brilliant with rectangular appearance, square modified brilliant cut.  A perfect princess diamond must be square shaped with 90 degree angles on each corner and with 57 to 70 facets.  A Princess shaped diamond is a young cut, designed for getting maximum brilliance from a square cut.

    Trillion Diamonds
    A Trillionshaped diamond, also named Trilliant diamond is a beautiful unusual triangular fancy shape with 50 facets.  Very commercial economical diamond shape due to the flat diamond cut.  The corners of this shape can be straight edged and curved.  A One carat trillion looks as large as a 1.50 Carat round brilliant diamond.

    Emerald Diamonds
    Emerald shaped diamonds have 24 facets.  They can be rectangular or square shaped.
    They have beveled corners and step cut facets.  Select a good clarity and color because of the open shape!
    The Emerald cut is a very noble cut especially for men.

    Cushion Diamonds
    A Cushion diamond is a modified brilliant cut with cropped corners with 58 facets.
    Cushion diamonds are generally thicker and will best reflect colors.

    Radiant Diamonds
    Fascinating square cut shaped Radiant diamonds, combining the nobility of the emerald diamond and the brilliance of a round.
    With it 70 facets it maximize the sparkles and the effect of color refraction.

    Asscher Diamonds
    Asscher shaped diamonds are square emerald cut with cropped corners.
    Abraham and Joseph Asscher created the Asscher cut diamond in 1902 in Dutch part of Europe.
    Today this shape is outdated.  Viewed from the top it shows like four wings.

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