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You encounter any problems ?

  • Can I pick up the order at B K Jewellery branch office?

    Yes, you may pick up the goods at any of our sales office.
  • Does B K Jewellery provide overseas delivery?

    We offer free delivery at certain countries, for details please kindly contact our Sales Representatives.
  • Is there any quality difference in buying stock and ordering on website?

    We always ensure that our products in stock are in minimum condition before sending to customers so the quality difference will be minimal.
  • Is there any order confirmation after submitting the order request on website?

    After receiving your order request on website, we will contact you within two business days.  As the item information on the website is for reference only, our staff will confirm the submission and other details for order.
  • What is the benefit of being a member?

    Check our recent updated collection
    Submit the order enquiry
    Enjoy the 3D HD experience
  • Member registration

    Becoming a member of B K Jewellery B2B Zone is easy and FREE!  Simply click the ‘Join’ button, fill in and submit the form.  We will proceed your request immediately.
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